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Understanding CVT !

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CVT is used by the latest high performance vehicles due to the smooth driving experience it provides. In this video we will explore the inner workings of Continuously variable transmission including that of a Reverse gear.

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How a CVT works! (Animation)
This animation explains the basic principle of CVTs (continuously variable transmission). Here, we look at the Variomatic and the Multitronic.

1) Input shaft, output shaft, metal belt
2) Continuously variable RPM
3) Pulleys and sheaves
4) Cogged v-belt, metal belt, CVT chain
5) Variomatic with centrifugal weights
6) Use of hydraulic oil pump

How A CVT Works by TEAM

TEAM has received a lot of requests to explain how a CVT works, here is a good video showing the basics of CVT. In the future we will be posting more videos explaining some of our innovations to the basic design. Take a look and let us know what you think.




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