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NEW R700 SNIPER in WARZONE (SP-R 208 SEASON 6 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare)

■ Code 'TESTY' on Scuf - https://scuf.co/Testy
■ Code 'TESTY' on GFuel - https://gfuel.com/



■ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Testyment
■ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/testyment
■ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/testyment
■ FaZe: https://www.youtube.com/FaZeClan
whitenight369 : "i got him".. I laughed
jay jones : What is your loadoit ?
Bennie : R700 MONTAGE Video is online on my Channel!!
Fear Philip : he missed a contraband
dawntay will : Bruh is it me or did he slide down those stairs and no scope that guy
Alan Yg : What’s his mp5 build lol
Ruben Sauceda : that’s litterally the definition of looking at one spot then they come when you look away at 15:40
Devin mccampbell : I put a sniper scope on my AS VAL last night and was deleting everyone lol
MakNiflheim : Testy - misses dumb easy shot on a kid peaking
Testy - "These kids are pussies."
Eric Rayo : Bogus how he doesn’t show the setup

Spr 800 season 6 montage

Really loving this gun. All of these clips are post nerf.


AR-15 SPR 800 yard hits and PRS discussion

A not-so-great video showing my 800 yard hit on a 16'' plate at 800 yards with the .223 SPR. This was my initial goal when I built the rifle, and I am excited to set some new limits to try and bust with this thing!

It's been really fun getting into PRS. I am still a newbie when it comes to the art, but am learning a lot and really enjoying competing and pushing my boundaries with my shooting skills and equipment.

I will hopefully acquire some better filming equipment at some point so my long-range shooting videos are better... I need something "cheap" that will allow me to fix my camera up to the spotting scope, but even then it will be hard to see. I'll figure something out, especially as I am about to start work on my new RPR, which should get me out to 1000 yard easily, as long as I do my part! Stay tuned...
Peter Acero : I just ordered that same upper from BCM what ammo does it seem to like for accuracy
K Bob : Just a heads up but if you are still shooting factory ammo you might try the IMI razor core MK 262 clone. Ive got a 16 inch BCM 410 SS barrel and it chronoes right at 2720 from it and 2850 from a buddies DD Mk 12 upper. May give you just little edge in the wind.
Brad Brinegar : been shooting the rpr for about 6 monthes and love it. working on building a spr at the moment. im looking at a woa spr 1n7. what barrel are you using.
Highjak86 : Looking good, man!
pale horse payton : what scope do you have on your rifle
theBasicswithBlaze : Someone posted a comment mentioning the accuracy of the distance of these types of shots and I want to address that as his comment had a hint of skepticism as to my level of accuracy.

Recently I have used a GPS to measure my distances. I start at the target, and keep moving back until I see the distance I want to shoot from.

I have shot at this range so many times that if the GPS was off by a significant amount, I would know.

Additionally, I will take GPS long/lat snapshots from my phone and plug them into google earth to verify the distances. I haven't seen a significant difference using that method either.

For this particular shot, I believe I left my GPS at home BUT I used the GPS on my phone to measure straight line distance AND I used the odometer on my jeep as a backup. Both put me right at 800 yards.

The time before this, I engaged the same 16'' target multiple times at 650 and 700 yards. When shooting at 800 with very similar conditions, my bullet drop was significantly more (and of course... my bullet drop matched up to what my calculations for 800 were supposed to be). That helps me know for sure if I am at the appropriate distance.

Besides that... I am a man who values integrity above most things. I don't derive pleasure from lying to anyone about my capabilities. In fact, I think you will find that my videos show a lot of my mistakes and failures. If I say I am shooting at a certain distance, I honestly believe that to be the distance I am shooting at, and I take a practical amount of effort to ensure that I am actually at that distance.
GHOSTWARRIOR117 : Where in CO are you and are you in college or military?
Afro-haitian18x : Some guys on YouTube don't really measure accurately the distance, I hope this is not the case here. Other than that, good deal neighbor lol
ChiliContestWinner : What's with the 360p? Thanks for the info!
Matt Quenneville : hey man I really appreciate your footage it's nice to watch someone taking the same steps I am. it would be awesome to see some of your match footage! thanks!




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